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What comes from the heart reaches the heart.

About Hanan

Hanan Al Sammak is an author, professional speaker, educator and advocate for mental health with a social media following of over 150 thousand individuals worldwide.


Being a graduate from one of the top most diverse universities in the world The American University in Dubai as a marketing major, Hanan continuous to travel, educate herself and learn from her favorite experts in the field of Positive Psychology as she believes in being a student for life. 


She has been a huge fan of Dr. Barbra Fredrickson’s research studies, Dr. Martin Saligman’s insights, Shawn Achor’s positive perspective about life, and Dr. Tal Bin Shahar teachings in Harvard University where she obtained a Diploma with him in Positive Psychology from The WholeBeing institute in the USA. Also having a life changing trip and traveled abroad to Australia – Byron Bay – where she graduated from a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing from The Langley Group Institute. She also obtained a Diploma in Neuro linguistic programing from the American Professional Institute with a license in NLP Coaching accredited from the International Coach Federation taken from the MindBridge Institute. Hanan is a certified trainer in Human Development from the Canadian Global Center, The American Academy for Continuous Education and Cambridge Institute.


Hanan works closely with The Ministry of Happiness of the UAE Government in different happiness initiatives, one of the many was participating on the Live morning show as a regular guest through Noor Dubai Radio Channel within a program called Minutes of Positivity under the umbrella of the National Program of happiness and wellbeing. She also collaborates with Dubai Police General Head Quarters on different happiness projects and campaigns in hopes to spread happiness and security to the public. 

After being awarded by His Highness Sheikh Faisal Al Qassimi as one of the most influential personalities and the the voice of community during The Women Empowerment Initiative in 2015 and being featured in leading magazines, newspapers, radio and TV channels where she is a regular guest on the most well know morning show Sabah ElKheir Ya Arab in the region on MBC and MBC in a Week Show during the Life Coaching segment. She also comes as a guest regularly on ( Al Arabiya, Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Al Dhafra TV, Sharjah TV, Al Sharqiya TV, Ajman TV, Oman TV, Pearl FM, Dubai Radio, Noor Dubai, Al Sada Magazine, Al Ousra Magazine, Al Bayan Newspaper, Emarat Newspaper and more); the former Marketing Executive decided to radically change her lifestyle and career into a full time entrepreneur.


Working in the corporate sector combined with 3 years of expertise in the communication, sales, management and marketing field and participating in hundreds of community initiatives, cultural seminars as the official spokesperson and the voice of society where she received many certificates of appreciation and honor in Governmental Corporate Exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, along with working on her speaking, lecturing and writing passion on the side as a freelance, Hanan came to the conclusion that she has to live by example and dedicate her full time and effort to her passion and help as many people as she could achieve their goals with a balanced mental health. After quitting her highly paid governmental job, came the next transition of her life.


Hanan bravely struck out on her own and Co-Founded a training and consultancy foundation licensed from Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises and named their foundation Heart Masters as they believe in the heart being the strongest source for inspiration and positive change.


Since then Hanan is passionate about motivating people, sharing the latest scientific research and knowledge she spent years acquiring in the field of Positive Psychology, helping and inspiring many lives on public stages. Her tailored Positivity and Wellbeing courses allows anyone to upgrade their positive thinking skills and be able to design the life they want as she believes happiness is a choice.


Hanan – amongst hundreds others – conducted more than 200 highly impactful and transformational Wellbeing workshops and training courses and trained more than 10 thousand employees to different organizations like the Ministry of Presidential Affairs in Abu Dhabi, Majles Mohammad Bin Zayed for Future Generation which featured leading global thinkers and innovators in the presence of members of the UAE Royal Family and Ministers, H.H The Ruler’s Court, Public Resurrection, Dubai Statistics Center, Dubai Police and hundreds of well known organizations in the UAE.


She also participated as a keynote speaker and wellbeing expert at Adnoc’s People’s Week in their Social and Emotional Dimensions, The Ramadan Majles of The Ministry of Interior, The Happiness Journey conducted by The Ministry of Happiness for The UAE Government for consecutive two years, The Global Social Media Conference in Kuwait, The 6th Wellness Day at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in AbuDhabi, Eco Club Summit by the Environment Agency, The American University in Dubai, Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards, Nawah Company, FGB, Ministry of Justice, and Fatima College for Human Sciences Youth Forum.


Besides that, Hanan coaches managers, individuals in Emotional Intelligence, mental health and wellbeing, Stress Management, Self Confidence, Public Speaking and developing a healthy mindset. 


Hanan has a large fan base and more than 150 thousand subscribers on Youtube as a Founder of HayaTech show that aims to empower individuals and contribute in bringing positive change to society gaining the love and respect of the audience across the Arab region.


Her first self help book “HayaTech” was published in 2016 at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair having sold over 5000 copies in only five months and gaining a lot of recognition in the region aims to instill the concept of positive thinking and success in a motivational step by step theme to help readers live out their fullest potential, uplift their spirits and face day to day challenges with optimism and courage. Her second book ‘The Sip of Happiness’ was published at the AD International Book Fair 2018. Her third book ‘Peace Handbook’ as published at the AD International Book Fair 2019.

Being a social activist, Hanan has volunteered and participated in several humanitarian causes like the Volunteer Globally 2016 organized by Dubai Cares where she and a group of diverse people had to travel to Africa and build the foundation of a school along with the help of the community. Hanan always believed that having strong sense of giving and responsibility towards others is the reason for her continuous efforts and work creation as well as the drive that feeds her passion. Hanan continues to touch lives and inspire thousands of people worldwide through her self help blogs, videos, lectures and courses.


Hanan has won the confidence of companies, institutions, government and private and semi government organizations and individuals all across the region where she believes in simplifying knowledge, the power of inspiration and what comes from the heart reaches the heart. Her mission is to contribute in change and positive influence.


Training Programs


Published Books

A motivational self-development book written in simple language with many real life successful stories, practical tips and tools to a more confident, successful and positive life.


A inspirational self-development book that highlights positive values like giving, tolerance, pursuit and love translated in storytelling along with mental health exercises that is based on positive psychology. 

Sip of Happiness

A guided book to a better mental health. Mental exercises wrapped in short quotes that are based on the Science of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.

This book focuses on the power of self love, self forgiveness and empathy.

Peace Starts within.

Peace HandBook




Ali Al Saloom, Cultural Ambassador & one of the fastest rising media stars and public speakers in the Gulf, UAE.

“I have seen, met and mentored hundreds of young inspirational talents in the region and globally and Hanan comes at the top of the best talents list. Hanan without a doubt is a role model and the best in her league. She is powerful, deep, a woman with an inspiring heart and mind who is passionate and most importantly dedicated to her message and content that she delivers successfully.”

Omar Al Busaidy, Global Shaper, Speaker, Author of Just Read It

“Hanan is an exceptional personality, she truly helps people to command their minds and souls in ways they could never have done before.

Hanan is truly a person that can connect with the young and old, from east and west and as she exemplifies the meaning of being a true global citizen.”

Saana Azzam, Founder of Mena Speakers Agency

“Hanan Al Sammak is a thorough and professional Speaker. She always listens and works closely with the clients to deliver quality work. She is a role model in our society and a change agent creating happiness and positivity wherever she goes. She is humble, hard-working and a person that I love working with.”


Majid Al Khalasi, Specialist training & career development in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs AD

“An energetic trainer that reflects the true meaning of the word happiness and positivity through dealing with trainees. She uses innovative, realistic and easy to apply examples and tools. A young and great trainer, such a giver with excellent experience in the areas of happiness and positive impact on employees. ”

Ali Al Ali, Dubai Police

“Hanan instilles happiness in the hearts of people, and the community reaps love, giving and optimism. ”

Ousha AlKetbi, Head of Training and Development Department Public Prosecution 

Thank you Hanan for the unique talk and sincere and heartfelt presentation that touched our hearts directly and made them happy and positive.

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